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Scrolling down the game site, you will come across the Royal Panda games available on the casino. You have to look through the different categories which feature the biggest and most popular table games, slot and live casino games. Let’s talk specifically about some of these games:


To select the roulette section of the casino, you simply have to click on the ‘Roulette’ tab on your screen. In total, there are about 17 different versions of the Roulette available which can be played either live or offline. Amongst the classic versions are the popular European roulette, London roulette, French roulette, American roulette and Speed roulette. By playing live, you are playing real-life with an actual dealer and you both have to communicate with each other via a microphone. In this way, you get that real casino experience. You just have to browse around to find the perfect one that suits you. You should try the European roulette to get an authentic feeling. Depending on what you want, you’d love the game with the calming background music.


The blackjack table is more like an old school casino game. Casinos are not meant to miss out on having this fun game in their collections and as usual, Royal Panda didn’t disappoint. In fact, the casino offers up to 11 different kinds of blackjack ranging from the classic version to other equally interesting versions. Just like the roulette, you can also play the live blackjack with a dealer who is usually a pretty female. Also just like the roulette, you communicate via the microphone. If you are a new player and not yet familiar with the rules of the game, you can opt for the “play for fun” where you don’t have to risk any money by wagering.

Live casino games

There are times you would want to play your card games with an actual dealer and other real players while still making use of the internet rather than play it against a computer. This is when you get to benefit from the live casino games. When compared to most of its major competitors, Royal Panda offers a larger number of great live versions of the casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, wheel of fortune etc. Indians are usually busy and may not have all the time to visit a real life casino, playing live casino games online is the only thing that is close to the feeling of visiting a casino. You won’t only find a game you love from the Royal Panda collections, you will also find one that fits into your schedule.

Virtual sports

Royal Panda also has a section for virtual sports which features a large number of sports which has grown really popular especially amongst the Indian players. The cricket featured doesn’t come with a virtual format however you can find other sports games such as soccer, horse racing and tennis in the virtual format. Just like other games found on this online casino, you can play virtual sports using virtual money.

Royal Panda sports betting

Royal Panda has a sportsbook and does offer sports betting. It offers a variety of sports and tournaments. When you click on the sportsbook link, you will find a selection similar to that found in actual sports betting sites like Bet365 except their numbers are not as much as that found on Bet365. You wouldn’t expect it to feature so much sportsbook after all, Bet365 is only a sports betting site and doesn’t feature the greatest casino games either.